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Notice for participants
please read it all!
Special thanks to Tinka Fleischer for the traslation.

Rules of the Fair
Anybody who\’s act fits into the time period of the vikings ( Vikings, slaves, normans, saxons – 7th to 11th century) can participate.
To ensure an authentic flair of the market, we hold the right to reject unfitting applicants.
Set – up and space – management
Before setting up camp, please talk to someone from the organsation who will show you your space. You can not just build camp where you want. Please don\’t waste space because we have a limited area at our hands.
You can\’t block/reserve spaces without consulting the market authorities. Please understand that the venders and craftspeople will get spaces along the walkways.
You have to be done setting up camp before the market opens and you can not do any obvious packing – up before it closes.
Shut – offs by tape or rope have to be respected. They can\’t be moved nor can you set up outside the markings.
Walkways are to be held clear in full width at all time (day and night) for rescue vehicles.
Please don\’t keep your vehicles on the market area longer than necessary. One hour before the market opens for the public you have to remove your vehicle without notice. Please try to drive carefully to prevent damage to the lawn.
Parking for participants is available 800 meters from the market area, the guides will tell you where to go and how best to come back.
You will have to do without all modern stuff like bottles, watches, mobile phones, enamel kettles etc..
We noticed during the last events that some craftsmen use modern tools. Please refrain from using those, even if hidden.
Other things that are banned from the market are any not authentic devices. (mobile phones or walkie-talkies are permitted for the organizers).
Smoking is only allowed in the tent or in the food court (Area 51).
If would be nice if you could use contacts instead of glasses.
Please keep your camp clean. Garbage is to be disposed of at the designated places or to be taken back home. The wicker baskets on the area are not designed to take camp trash.
Also, trash can not be burned in your camp fires.
To build your camp fire you can cut out a piece of gras on most of the grounds. Please set back the graspatch when you leave. On some parts of the area only firebowles are permitted. Please consult someone from the organisation before setting up your camp fire.
Firewood can be purchased for token coins, that you get from the organisors, at the usual place. Please don\’t use too much wood, there has to be enough for everyone.
Please watch your camp fire, make sure no one gets hurt, don\’t leave it unattended.
We only allow merchandise that fits the above mentioned time period. Cheap imports and/or industrial made goods, same as modern toys are not allowed.
We reserve the rights to reject venders who sell inappropriate goods.
Food can not be sold in the camp. Only registerd traders can sell food, including self – made stuff such as jam, marmalade, sausages etc.
The responsible person for battles is Daniel Albrecht.
He decides who fights in the show battles. Every fighter has to attend the muster, any weapon and gear you want to use has to be presented. At the muster we will check for safety and authenticity and explain how we proceed. Safe use of weaopns can be examined in certain cases. Please show up for your battle on time and sober. Every participant in a battle or training fight is personaly responsible for the safety or other contestants and visitors.
Sanitary facilities
Please leave the showers and toilettes as clean as you would like to see them the next time you have to use them.
All animals have to be kept on a leash or some other handling device from the time the market opens for public, unless decided otherwise by the organisation. Obviously you will clean up after your animal immediately.
Drugs and weapons
The market area is not outlaw country. Laws on weapons apply on the market. Use or selling of druge is not allowed at the market.
The organiser is not liable for any theft on the market or in the parking lots.

Persons or groups that do not comply to these rules will be banned immediately and will not be allowed to participate in upcoming events.
These rules are all common sense, and if in doubt, common sense should be a good guideline.
We hope that you have a great weekend!